Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It Sucked and Then I Cried by Heather Armstrong

So, I'm a mommy and I read. And when I had my first - Nate - I read a lot of Mommy memoirs.  I read this one because I love Heather Armstrong, who authors a popular blog in the mommy sphere.  I also really wanted to learn about another woman's experiences with post-partum depression and Ms. Armstrong went through a very, very tough time (and I wanted to talk about it on my podcast let's be honest). She had a breakdown and was actually hospitalized briefly in order to be stablized on her meds.

While I enjoyed the fact that it was a quick read and the writing style was fun, it didn't even begin to scratch the surface with regards to the big issues: post partum depression, the struggles to be perfect, the struggles in breastfeeding and whether to continue in the face of such mental health issues.  At times, I did laugh but I wish that the issues and the struggles had been tackled with much more depth than Heather actually tackled them. 

I think that Ms. Armstrong is really good at telling stories.  In some ways, her talent at telling stories disappointed me all the more because she could have told stories that reached out and helped women through their darkest moments. 

I would recommend getting this book out of the library and definitely reading her blog, but don't know that I would add this book to the home library.

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